Beautician Classes

We offer comprehensive courses for students wishing to pursue a career as a beautician/ esthetician. The course has been designed to cover the ever-changing trends in beauty and the techniques required for the profession.

The above mentioned courses can be taken up individually. Students that wish to develop all these skills together can take up a full year Diploma course, that includes these courses as modules.

Aroma Institute for career-oriented courses offers short-term certificate and Diploma Beautician courses in Phagwara. The course is aimed at shaping careers in make-up, hairstyle, and massage, and personal grooming. Theoretical teaching and practical training are imparted by experienced beauticians at our institute.

The course is designed to learn Mehndi application, hairdressing, make-up application, bridal make-up, waxing, threading, and other beauty treatments. We are a proud beautician training centre in Phagwara providing modern-day education to make big in the beauty and spa industry.

Make-up and Beauty Parlour Course

Our affordable fee structure for a complete beauty parlour course equips students to run a full-fledged beauty parlour. Join us and get trained to become a professional beautician. Be an expert beautician with our professional certification course in beauty and make-up.

We provide training in all the following beauty treatments-

• Facials and bleaching
• Face make-up
• Eyebrows and eye makeup
• Pedicure & Manicure
• Henna application
• Hair-cut and Hair colour
• Bridal make-up and party make-up
• Hairstyling and spa
• Waxing and threading
• Nail decoration

With the coming of new age beauty treatments and therapies, we keep our curriculum updated. Kinds of training we provide enable learners to start or run a beauty and spa studio. We provide practical training under our expert supervision for high-quality training.

Professional Beautician Training

Beauty and make-up artists are in high demand in every small and big city of India. Beauticians also have a great potentiality to work with top beauty therapy centres, spa and massage centres, and glamour industry.

With a high level of training at Aroma Institute, learners have a bright future ahead. The beauty industry is a dynamic and thriving sector with exciting opportunities. From running a beauty parlour to serving in the fashion and film industry, skilled beauty professionals are now able to earn a lucrative income.

With urbanization and modernization at its peak, people are spending more and more on lifestyle and beauty. This scenario presents a perfect ground for beauty and make-up artists, beauty therapists, hair-cut specialists, and bridal makeup specialist to grow abundantly.

Hectic lifestyle has also increased demand for stress-busting therapies like massage and aroma therapies. Modern spa centres are a great way for feeling rejuvenated and stress-free. Styling and stress-busting are one of the growing industries, and hence trained professionals are also required in beauty salons and spa studios.

Career Opportunities

If you have a passion and art for beautifying looks, Aroma is the best place for you. The job of beauticians is to make people look attractive. Once you complete the course, you can choose any of the below vocations.

• Owner of beauty/hair salon
• Make-up artist
• Hairdresser and hair stylist/ hair spa specialist
• Nail art specialist
• Cosmetic seller
• Mehndi artists
• Bridal make-up specialist
• Spa and massage specialist
• Make-over specialist

With the advent of various modern beauty therapies, beauticians also have opportunities to serve as aromatherapist, hair wig consultant, and head massage specialist. Lots of top beauty salons hire specialists, beauty consultants, and beauticians for handsome remuneration.

Being fashion conscious and beauty conscious is a trend everywhere today. Besides celebrities and stage artists, all are equally conscious about looks. Join us to learn advanced make-up and beauty enhancement techniques.

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With the massive growth of the beauty business, the demand for professionally trained personnel is on the rise. These courses are exhaustive approaches to help you tap that market and hone your skills. Choose from our programs to turn your passion into reality.


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