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We offer certification programs and courses on computer maintenance technology and computer science applications. Students gain a broad overview of personal computer operations, components and basic networking principles.

The course also offers hands-on practice in the use of programming and troubleshooting, data management and popular software applications. These introductory courses set the stage for students who want to work toward professional certification in computer maintenance and networking. Students can pick from the list of courses given below:

  • Diploma in Computer Applications (1 year)
  • Basics of Computer (6 Months)
  • Computer Hardware & Networking (1 year)

Aroma Institute offers Diploma and certification courses in basic computer applications, hardware and networking. Being computer literate is an essential skill of modern times. Almost every office work requires proficiency in computers. With all the processes and activities digitalized, it is important to have basic computer know-how in any profession.

Basic computer skills allow learners to gain proficiency in the most popular technologies. We enable learners to access, create, and manage word documents and spreadsheets. We also let candidates get trained with operating internet and emails. The course is suitable for complete novices as well as people wanting to enhance their first level skills.

Computer Courses in Phagwara

Aroma Institute offers best computer courses for attaining proficiency of different levels. Join us to learn computers for the career of your interest. Get computer savvy and make big in your respective professions.

We offer-

1. Computer Basics
2. Diploma in Computer Applications

The computer course in basics is designed to train students who are beginners. It gives a basic knowledge of computers. This enables learners to do simple data entry work, printing, and email handling.

Our one-year Diploma in Computer Applications or DCA course covers detailed proficiency in various computer applications. During the course, students learn MS Office, Spreadsheets, Internet Applications, Database Management, basic social media, and HTML.

Hardware and Networking Course

It is impossible to run big or small business without installing computer systems. We are contributing talented technical people for right installation and maintenance.

Students get training in in-depth technicalities and troubleshooting. Quick and continuous internet access is essential for the offices today. Hence, we cover network related courses like CCNA, CCNP, CWNA etc.

Highlights of our Course

• Basics of electronics
• Maintenance
• Troubleshooting
• Installation
• Internet
• Linux networking
• Wireless networking

With the gigantic growth of computerization and digital facilities, the requirement of hardware and networking has also seen a boom. The computer has found its place everywhere right from home to small retail, and corporates.

Our computer hardware course encompasses training in physical components, parts, and technical maintenance of the computer systems. Networking trains students to maintain and manage wireless or cabled data exchange between computers.

Job Opportunities

This highly career-oriented course offers immense opportunities to the students to work in bigger companies or institutions as a network engineer, hardware engineer, and IT administrator. Computers and networks are found everywhere including schools, colleges, banks, call centres, corporates, factories, hospitals, and other institutes.

Proficiency in computers adds an important skill in your job profile. It helps in winning good job positions in companies. Whether you are an accountant or data entry operator or clerk or manager, computer knowledge is a must. With basic and specialized knowledge in various computer courses, you can increase your chances for better prospects. It shapes your career for a high variety of job positions.

Call us to get more details about our computer and networking courses. Meet our consultants for guidance to choose the most suitable course to build your career. Aroma Institute offers flexible batches suitable for young students, working people, entrepreneurs, and housewives.

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The courses cover the essentials of computer maintainance and applications. Graduates may seek entry-level employment as computer maintenance technicians or advance in their current occupations.


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